At Advanced Chiropractic Solutions, our compassionate team of Lincoln chiropractors has worked with everyone from infants to seniors, students to CEOs, beginner athletes to elite competitors. We understand that no matter what our patients’ lifestyles or health backgrounds are, many of them want to avoid medications or invasive procedures while trying to recover from a health condition like fibromyalgia or an injury such as a sports injury, auto accident injury, work injury, or personal injury. That’s why we offer natural solutions for a wide variety of conditions, including the ones listed below.

Disc Injuries: Bulges, Herniations & Degenerative Disc Disease
Spinal discs are major shock absorbers and also allow for mobility in the backbone. With relatively low amounts of innervation and blood supply, discs don’t always hurt themselves, but can easily encroach on nearby structures (like muscles and nerves) leading to pain and related symptoms. We treat disc injuries including disc bulge, disc herniation (the inner disc fluid leaks out of a tear in the disc’s outer layer), and degenerative “wear and tear” damage.

Nerve Impingement Syndromes: Sciatica, Radiculopathy, and Peripheral Nerve Entrapments
If a nerve or nerve root becomes compressed and irritated, motor and sensory changes can occur along that nerve’s area of distribution. This can lead to symptoms such as numbness, weakness, tingling in an arm or leg.

Muscle, Ligament & Tendon Injuries
Repetitive motion, prolonged awkward posture, over-training, or even acute accidents can lead to trauma and damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues within the musculoskeletal system (including cartilage, joint capsules, and bursae). Injuries like rotator cuff strain, Achilles tendonitis, MCL/ACL sprains in the knee can cause swelling, redness, and pain in the short-term and lead to long-term weakness, pain, and instability if not properly treated.

Upper, Middle & Lower Back Pain
It’s not always clear what’s causing your back pain, but factors such as activity level, smoking, overall health status, and even your weight and stress levels can play a role. Our Lincoln chiropractor team can relieve your symptoms and address the root causes of dysfunction in your cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine, which may include osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, joint subluxations, or even spinal stenosis.

Get Drug-Free Healing With Our Lincoln Chiropractors
Contact our chiropractic clinic in Lincoln, NE for help with your current injury or ailment. At Advanced Chiropractic Solutions, we treat a variety of issues and the above list is not all inclusive, so even if you don’t see your condition named we encourage you to give us a call! Our number is (402) 328-0028. We look forward to working with you!