You’ve probably heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” We’ve taken that to heart at Advanced Chiropractic Solutions. With four chiropractors on staff, you get the benefit of our combined expertise. Especially with difficult cases.

Dr. Travis Bangert

“The most complete and true health care experience known to man… I just wish I would have known what I know now!”

Growing up in a very medically based family, there was a strong push towards western medicine. Natural based cures and medicine was never introduced to me. As a high school and college athlete I have had my fair share of bumps, bruises, and misalignment. It was during my second season playing college football that I would understand where my life was headed. It literally hit me blind sided smack dab in the face. I was on the field with my head turned across my body to see the action, when out of no where BOOM!.. an oncoming 300 lb offensive lineman drove his helmet straight into my already fully rotated head. Immediately I went down, lost function of my left arm and hand, and my right one was tingling. I was in bad shape and I assumed that my season was over. NOT THE CASE. I saw the team chiropractor, got adjusted, and was back on the field at 100% by the next game. I found my calling. Chiropractic saved my life and is bringing life back to so many men, women, and children.

Lincoln Southeast High School Peru State College- 2 years Southeast Community College- 1 1/2 year (prerequisites) University of Nebraska at Lincoln- 1 year (prerequisites) Cleveland Chiropractic College – Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology – Doctor of Chiropractic

Family, Hobbies, and Community Involvement
I am the proud father of an 11 year old boy named Aidan, as well as two 7 year old boxers, Tex and Jackson. I was born and raised here in Lincoln, NE, and am a die hard Husker Fan. I am always looking forward to football season.

A Life Dedicated to Health and Fitness
In 2005, I Competed in the Gold’s Classic in Kansas City, MO, and finished 3rd in 2 divisions. I ran my 1st half marathon last year. I am also an avid cyclist, and participate in several organized rides every year across different states. I have aspirations of doing triathlons in the future.


Dr. Denison Salisbury

Born and raised in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Denison Salisbury understands the city’s wide range of health needs. While attending undergrad at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Denison worked first as a rehabilitation therapist here at Advanced Chiropractic Solutions, where his love for chiropractic care continued to grow. After being on the rehabilitation side of chiropractic care, Dr. Denison realized he wanted to pursue chiropractic college, to continue to help and heal others naturally. Fast forward three years, Dr. Denison graduated with honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and is now back in his hometown and back where it all started; Advanced Chiropractic Solutions. Dr. Denison treats his community with evidence-based caring and natural chiropractic care and looks forward to the opportunity to help you reach your optimal health.

During Dr. Denison’s spare time, he enjoys playing pickleball and perfecting his chef skills in the kitchen with his love for cooking.

Dr. Preslee Deater

Hometown – Grant Michigan

Under Grad – Alma College (2018)

Chiropractic – Palmer College of Chiropractic (2021)

Growing up in a very active household in Michigan, it’s not a shock to learn that Dr. Preslee was a three-sport athlete who grew up outdoors. Throughout her childhood, she played softball, volleyball, and basketball. Eventually, she went on to play collegiate softball at Alma College, where Dr. Preslee double majored in Integrative Physiology and Health Science and Biochemistry. Dr. Preslee wanted to be a part of the healthcare system where she could make a more significant difference in people’s lives than just treating their symptoms, which landed her at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the first chiropractic school in the world. Not only did she continue her education at Palmer, but she was also on the women’s rugby team! Post-graduate life for Dr. Preslee outside of work consists of being with family and friends, and being outdoors whether she’s golfing, fishing, or working out.

Favorite Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

Why Chiropractic: I wanted to be a part of the healthcare system where I could make a more significant difference in people’s lives than just treating their symptoms. With Chiropractic, I get to find the root cause of why patients are feeling the way they are, whether from a physical, emotional, or nutritional standpoint. I love my profession and the incredible people I get to meet and treat daily!